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Our research philosophy
Accelara provides superior custom and syndicated publishing research. Our surveys place more information at your disposal through creative custom studies and innovative reporting strategies that are both useful and useable. And we strive to apply technology to do it at a lower cost than other leading publishing research organizations.

Research is a powerful, vital competitive tool. It sharpens your focus on reader interests, behaviors and desires. It demonstrates reader buying power and purchasing interest. It shows what readers want for editorial and advertising content. It helps you create compelling sales and marketing presentations. It paints a picture of who your readers are and what they want.

Surveys open a direct channel for you to speak with your readers. Our surveys support that dialogue, drawing on your identity and personality to speak openly and directly on your behalf. Your logo is on every page, your colors and typography present a familiar look and feel to engage readers in your study. Our credits are down in the footnotes, where respondents are assured of confidentiality and anonymity through professional third-party research.

The best surveys arise from close professional collaboration with you. A consultative design process produces hard-hitting surveys that gather the information you need to succeed. Informal project kickoff briefings, survey drafts for internal circulation and feedback, guidance and advice on content and structure ... we design custom surveys tailored to your unique audience and your business goals.

Survey results are too valuable to sit on a shelf gathering dust
. Our innovative reporting delivers high-level intelligence and insight, and drill-down detail. High-level Publisher's Executive Summaries provide instant access to your readers. Drill-down electronic tabulations show who readers are in detail. Electronic reporting is easily shared and used, putting all the data at your fingertips for instant access, helping you better serve readers and advertisers.

Satisfaction is not enough ... we'd like to delight you with our service. Highly professional research advice, unusual attention to the details of your project, flawless field performance, easily used, data-filled research reports ... you'll experience service and value far beyond your current expectations.

Publishing research should be excellent and affordable. Our survey research service effective and efficient, streamlined for high performance and very reasonable cost regardless of survey design or method.

See for yourself. A free bid is just a call or click away. Call 800-717-4503.