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"Harry and his staff anticipated our needs while at the same time were able to explore and push for results that stood out. Well prepared, thoughtful, and innovative. Accelara's research helped us immensely and exceeded our expectations."

J.D. Hale Jr., VP Publishing
Yankee Magazine

Reader Profiles
Researching your reader audience is a savvy investment in effective, high-impact sales programs. Knowledge gained through survey research supports your publication mission and adds credibility to your sales story.

Through research…
Advertising sales managers create compelling, documented fact-driven sales programs that show advertisers how to cater to your specific audience. Research identifies who readers are, what they want, where they plan to spend, how they live their lives and conduct their business. Research illustrates how your publication influences lifestyle and business decisions, and demonstrates ways that your publication stimulates consideration of products and services, brands and vendors.

Marketing managers use reader insights to design and test new products, create hard-hitting, factual promotional materials, and support for effective marketing, communications and positioning programs.

Editors get direct access to reader lifestyles and interests, feedback on editorial content and graphic preference, opportunities to test new concepts and guage reaction to recent innovation. Most importantly, they stay in touch with your evolving readership and the things that resonate and delight them.

Circulation Managers identify ways to improve prospecting efficiency, and have opportunity to test renewal and gifting mechanics and content.

Publishers have a platform for examining new opportunities, evaluating redesigns and restages, plan for innovative product launches, and evaluate new markets, and monitor competitive threats and opportunities.

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