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"Accelara knows how to craft an effective research project. They keep it simple, work quickly and deliver results in a straightforward and meaningful way. Harry had a knoack for efficiency and the development of useful information. As a repeat customer, I would highly recommend Accelara to any publisher with research needs."

Sharron McCarthy, VP/Publisher
McLean Communications

Editorial and Circulation Research

Editorial content is the engine that gathers your unique readers together, united by common interests, wants and needs. Editorial research keeps your finger on the pulse of your evolving readership and ensures that your content remains fresh and delightful.

Research helps your editorial staff gather objective feedback from your readership and offers guidance to steer your editorial mission forward over time. Through editorial research, staff have the opportunity to work directly with readers to fine-tune covers, develop new content, test new formats, and quickly gather detailed feedback on innovations and new directions.

Editorial surveys answer questions like:

Accelara’s survey professionals work with you, your editorial and publishing team, and your consultants to develop the research program and content that provides the information required to chart the course forward on a year-to-year basis.

Where editorial content defines your publication, circulation management places that content in your reader's hands. Circulation research helps improve the efficiency of your efforts by taking a close diagnostic look at the programs and tactics used to encourage new readership, renewal, and gifting. Circulation research answers questions like ...

Circulation research shines a spotlight on the mechanics of your circulation program, and examines reactions to the themes and tenor of the appeals you use. The goal is to provide guidance that allows circulation efforts to quickly discriminate between high and low-response groups and focus efforts where they will garner the greatest returns.

Every once in a while, high-level strategic research is required to restage and reposition a publication, or to launch a new publishing venture. Stepping out in a new direction is a perilous enterprise. Some loyal customers will be left behind; prospective new markets remain untested and untapped. Designing a successful transition plan calls for a different kind of research entirely. With 25 years of high level custom qualitative and quantitative research experience, Accelara can provide a range of innovative, insightful research to address questions at the core of a publication's future directions.

Accelara's custom research division delivers high-level custom supports strategic planning for new market and new product development, product launch and restaging to publishing consultants and publishers ... visit our custom research site, for more information.

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