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"Harry Wolhandler and Accelara Research went above and beyond our expectations...Harry was very responsive, always pleasant and highly organized...We will work with Accelara Research again and highly recommend their services."

Tina Enck, Sales Manager WITF, Inc & Central PA Magazine

Advertiser Research

Advertiser-Sponsored Research brings your two audiences together – advertiser and reader, offering a means to cement relationships in both directions. Advertisers learn about reader reactions to their products, services, ideas and ad presentation, and readers benefit from products and services tailored to serve their best interests.

Multi-client advertiser studies allow several parties to share the expense as well as the data gathered in common question areas. At the same time, proprietary questions and reports allow each participant access to private information to support competitive strategies.

Ad Recall Studies are very important to advertisers. Ad recall studies look at detailed reader responses to advertising in a specific issue to answer questions about: Advertiser Research is conducted by the publication to determine how they get their fair share of ad dollars. Questions that can be answered include:

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